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From the 10th of December 2018 the format of polish AUP is new.

The amendments concern the contents of the AUP sections.
ALPHA - list of  available CDR2
BRAVO - list of non- available permanent routes and CDR1
CHARLIE - list of manageable areas (AMA) – on the basis of RQA
DELTA - list of non – manageable areas (NAM)
ECHO - list of non – available SID/STARS
FOXTROT - additional information

Procedures for airspace requests does not change.
For e-mailed RQA please use the following adress: rqa@pansa.pl
Please do not use any attachments.

Additional information look e-AIP (ENR 2.2.3-1 & ENR 2.2.2-1) http://ais.pansa.pl/aip/index.php