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Current information

With the AIRAC 20 JUN 2019 all TSA/TRA/TFR will have shortened systems tags TS/TR/TF.
The removal of the last letter results from the limitations of the processing and validation systems of the Network Manager FPLs and does not affect the way these areas work.
Short system markers should be used in your RQAs from 19 June 2019.

Please use the correct heading for RQA message:

(RQA message type, do not change
EPXX enter the name of user or ICAO code
20/05/2019 06:00 - 21/05/2019 06:00 enter validity period of AUP
19/05/2019 09:30 enter the time of transmission
01 TRA59 A055 F105 11:00 12:00 EPBK PJE place for requested area, time and altitude range)

The e-mail address designated for reservations: rqa@pansa.pl,
The RQA should be sent in the text of the message, don’t use attachments!

If you plan to send RQA, please remember the following rules:

  • The validity period of AUP is from 06:00 UTC to 06:00 UTC D+1
  • RQAs are collected till 10:00 UTC
  • Always add name and contact details on the person responsible for the activity of the areas
  • Always expect an emailed reply
  • The nearest public holiday is 15 August.
    RQA for 15/08 and 16/08 shall be sent to ASM2 on 14/08


If you need to activate the area, please remember the following rules:

  • The airspace user is obliged to confirm the request or provide new details on the use of the airspace element concerned not later than 1hour/30minutes before the intended commencement time of the activity.
  • If the intention to activate an airspace element has not been confirmed, it will be interpreter as cancellation!