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General information

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AMC POLAND executes tasks on Airspace Management level 2 and 3

ASM2 - Pre-Tactical level

  1. collection and analysis of airspace requests,
  2. resolving conflicts among requests for AMC manageable areas by application priority rules , negotiation and changes of time schedules,
  3. informing and promulgating airspace allocation in AUP of the preceding day,

ASM3 - Tactical level

  1. activation and deactivation airspace structures listed in AUP,
  2. update of data related to AUP execution.
  3. Activation of additional TSAs non-colliding with structures published in AUP and uncontrolled airspace,
  4. reaction for any additional request related to serious incoherence of ATC routes or unexpected ATC problems,
  5. monitoring of utilization of allocated airspace elements,
  6. informing on airspace restrictions, users flying in uncontrolled airspace.

Additional information look e-AIP (ENR 2.2.3-1 & ENR 2.2.2-1) http://ais.pansa.pl/aip/index.php