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AMC Poland is civil – military authority executes the airspace management functions on both pretactical and tactical levels.

Pre-Tactical – ASM Level 2 consists of the day-to-day management and temporary allocation of airspace through national or sub-regional AMCs and in coordination with the NM. It can start at D-6 and carries on the Day of Operations with updates of the airspace plans.

On the basis of RQA – civil and military airspace requests  – ASM2 prepares AUP. Every working day from Monday to Friday by 14.00 UTC the AUP is published and distribiuted to key stakeholders and by 16.00 UTC to the website

Tactical – ASM Level 3 consists of the real time activation, deactivation or real time reallocation of the airspace allocated at ASM Level 2 and the resolution of specific airspace problems and/or traffic situations between civil and military ATS units and/or controlling military units and/or controllers, as appropriate.

CAT (Common Airspace Tool) version 2.0 is support system for both pre – tactical and tactical levels of AMC.
The system offers collection of long term airspace planning data, negotiation and consolidation of reservation data, tactical activation and deactivation of the structures and distribution of the airspace allocation plan (AUP/UUP) to the users.
The functionality of the detection spatial and temporal conflicts between airspace structures is adressing to civil – military cooperation to ensure that the CDM process between all involved operational stakeholders is able to comply with national/regional rules.
CAT 2.0 also supports FRA environment. The operators can manage reservations including areas with FBZ and associated FUA/EU restrictions.

Current AUP and corresponding UUP are available on the website.